Dear Ganbreeder community,

To date, over 30,000 users have made over 35 million images with Ganbreeder! That is pretty remarkable and hearing about what you’ve made with the images has been tremendous. I'm excited to announce what the future holds for Ganbreeder...


Ganbreeder is getting a lot of improvements and being renamed Artbreeder. The aim remains simple - turning sophisticated generative technologies into radically easy to use tools so that everyone can expand their creative processes in a collaborative way.

Multiple new high res models



Album Covers

Dataset carefully hand curated by Alex Reben

Gwern's Anime Faces

Image from his excellent technical write up.

One site for all models

Including BigGAN-Deep, an improvement on the model behind Ganbreeder.

Image uploading and style transfer!*

You can upload a face into Artbreeder and turn it into concept art, or take your concept art portrait and apply the style to other faces.

* (for some models)

Other features and improvements planned

Artbreeder will remain free for unlimited use!


I wanted to share a few cool groups/things have emerged around GANs / Ganbreeder (and please send me any omitted).

Don’t be afraid to reach out, I look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas. Best regards and much love, Joel @_joelsimon